Real-time Construction site 3D modelling

The purpose with this solution is to provide a continuous real-time view of a construction site. The system creates a detailed digital twin 3D model of the physical site based on camera feeds and photogrammetry measurements – static or vehicle mounted. This can be used for

  • Monitoring site and construction status
  • Tracking vehicles and equipment
  • Enhancing worker safety
  • Aid flow of materials by night-time autonomous transports guidance

How does it work

The real-time system builds a 3D point cloud, creating a “virtual drone” view of the construction site. Time-stamped updates enables traversing the model in time and space.

Data is generated from static and moving camera stereo feeds, SLAM from inside buildings and photogrammetry data

Object recognition and 3D reconstruction filter the model on buildings, ground surface, external objects – machines, people, material etc – and characteristics like position/movement, quantity and volume.


Some of our related Projects!

Augmented Reality & Gesture recognition

We have a long experience in working with AR & VR solutions, and have also developed a gesture recognition toolkit. AR can be used for remote guidance, enhanced training situation. We use gesture recognition to control industrial equipment in difficult environments and together with AR information overlay and precise SLAM based navigation it creates an advanced “tools-free” control environment.

Autonomous vehicles, navigation & SLAM

We have extensive experience in development of autonomous vehicles software – heavy off-road, on-road and drones. ADAS – obstacle detection, road signs, pedestrian detection etc. as well as being experts in SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping),  and precise navigation – outdoors as well as indoors or in confined areas where GPS does not work. 

Worker safety & object detection

We have a long experience in working with object detection, e.g. ADAS –  obstacles and pedestrians, in industrial applications – such as timber volume measurement, object identification in manufacturing or face recognition. Enhanced worker safety or accident prevention in confined spaces such as a construction site is created by monitoring heavy vehicles or equipment, creating restricted areas within the site. 

Smart Cities

We are 3D reconstruction experts and have extensive experience in high performance 3D modelling and photogrammetry. We have developed Smart City software, that with little effort can create accurate models of buildings and whole cities. It works outdoors and indoors, and can be overlaid with any meta data.

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