TecPoint has specialist competence in hardware design. Typical projects are navigation and communications equipment, sensor technology and dedicated image processing equipment.

We have the capacity to handle complete projects from definition to industrialization, as well as component level projects. Many times the hardware project is part of a system project, where the dominant part of the work consists of software development – embedded and serverside.

Sample projects:
Fault tolerant equipment
Circuit board design
Audio/video – encoding/decoding
Radio signal noise reduction, echo cancellation
DSP, SoC or special hardware algorithm optimization
FPGA based hardware acceleration

We have extensive experience from modern platforms such as FPGA, CPLD, DSP, RISC and ASIC. The work is performed using methods such as functional/time simulation, (VDHL) logic synthesis, rapid prototyping, Verilog IDE and tools from Mentorgraphics, Xilinc and Altera.