“The Internet of Things has the potential to fundamentally shift the way we interact with our surroundings. The ability to monitor and manage objects in the physical world electronically makes it possible to bring data-driven decision making to new realms of human activity—to optimize the performance of systems and processes, save time for people and businesses, and improve quality of life. From monitoring machines on the factory floor to tracking the progress of ships at sea, sensors can help companies get far more out of their physical assets—improving the performance of machines, extending their lives, and learning how they could be redesigned to do even more. With wearable devices and portable monitors, the Internet of Things has the potential to dramatically improve health outcomes…
McKinsey, IoT, Mapping the value beyond the hype.

IoT projects with innovation, speed and quality in sharp focus

We work across the entire IoT solutions stack. Our IoT service development portfolio covers sensor and devices, connectivity and networks, cloud, gateways, applications, user experience, and analytics. With unique end-to-end expertise TecPoint is well experienced to support your development projects through the full production lifecycle from feasibility study to support and from the sensor to analytics.

We have the specialists needed to do the work, be it hardware designers, embedded developers, back and front end developers, software architects, project management or testing and validation engineers.

We draw on the experience accumulated in projects performed together with more than 20 IoT/M2M customers.


IoT/M2M Competence areas

We have experience of IoT solutions from a wide range of application areas, such as

  • Automotive
    • Turn-by-turn navigation
    • Fleet management
    • Vehicle location tracking
    • Driving assistance
    • Infotainment
    • Connectivity
  • Smart Energy
    • Advanced metering infrastructure
    • Energy waste detection
    • Optimization of energy usage
  • Building Automation
    • Building environmental monitoring (temperature, humidity) and control (HVAC, lighting)
    • Building security protection (intrusion, fire, smoke, water leakage detection, security alarms notification)
  • Home Automation
    • Cloud web service
    • Vendor communication layer
    • Home Automation Gateway
    • Automation Scenarios
    • Event triggered actions
    • Integration with video surveillance
  • Industrial Automation
    • In-depth Knowledge in
      Specialized Real-Time Oss
    • Industrial Protocols & Peripheral Buses Knowledge
    • Virtualization and Domain Separation Design
    • Specific Design Processes & Embedded Design Guidelines