Communications technology is a key enabler of the digital transformation.

The increasing availability of technologies such as mobile, virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, cloud, analytics and platforms is dramatically altering the way we live, work and interact, and a large share of the potential value stemming from this digitalization – such as integrated Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, consumer and enterprise digital services, and reimagined models of digital communication leveraging advances in natural human interfaces and augmented reality / virtual reality – is dependent on communications technology delivering essential infrastructure, applications and productivity improvements in many areas.


From Near Field Communications to Telecom Management Systems

We work across the entire communications technology stack. Our expertise covers areas such as – embedded software, hardware design, cloud and server solutions, operating systems, communication protocols, switching and routing, streaming technology, security, IP technology and network management

Communications technology is one of our prime expert areas – we have accumulated a vast experience as a result of projects performed together with a large number of customers.

With our end-to-end solutions experience we are well positioned to support your development projects from feasibility study via design and development to support and maintenance.

Our unique range of communications experts are available to run your projects, be it hardware designers, embedded or server-side developers, architects, project management or QA engineers.


Communications technology competence areas

We have experience from a wide range of networking and communications technology application areas.

      • IP networks
        • Switching and routing
        • Virtualization
        • Device drivers
      • Mobile networks
        • Access networks
        • LTE
        • IMS
        • Mobile backhaul
        • Core networks
        • Network provisioning, analysis & troubleshooting
        • Network optimization & simulation
        • etc
      • Protocols
        • SS7
        • TCP/IP
        • VoIP – SIP, RTP/RTCP, H.323, H.324
        • CMIP/CMIS, SNMP, CORBA, Web Services
        • Ethernet
        • ATM
        • Wireless protocols – Wifi, NFC, Bluetooth
      • Mesh networks
      • Unified communication
        • IMS
        • Enterprise solutions
      • Security
        • PKI expertise in LTE networks, wireless sensor networks, content services, B2C applications and mobile PKI
      • Network Management (NMS, EMS)
        • 2G RAN OAM,
        • 3G RAN NMS,
        • Enterprise NMS,
        • Network Management Adaptors
        • OSS/BSS solutions
      • IPTV
        • Complete streaming/VoD management solution
        • IPTV STB solutions