Our engagement model

To deliver our services we work with different engagement models. They are selected depending on the nature and scope of the particular assignment.

Dedicated Team

Most of our business is centered around Dedicated teams, since they constitute an optimal way of providing an organization with long-term, dedicated resources. The reasons for employing an external team could be minimize risk through increased resource and competence flexibility, shorten lead times or manage costs.

A Dedicated Team has a size and competence profile that is decided by customer needs. The purpose is to provide a long-term extension to the existing R&D organization, and as such, both size and profile will change over time.

Assignments are mostly development related, but e.g. test centers or maintenance assignments can also be organized as dedicated teams.

A team can vary in size from a few developers up to an entire organization of tens of developers. It reports directly to the technical management of the customer. Development processes, project management and other infrastructure is customized according to customer requirements.


  • Long-term competence build-up
  • Flexibility -quick ramp-up of resources
  • Focus on core activities, rather than non-value added work
  • Add staffing flexibility for special projects, including skills
    not presently available in your own organization
  • Reduced development time and cost due to faster ramp-up
    Improve quality by working with more experienced developers
  • Cost effective compared to consultants as well as own staff.
  • Manage innovation through access to advanced competence in risk areas

Fixed Price

We performs some assignments as Fixed Price Projects. This works well for projects that are isolated or with well-defined requirements. In contrast to the dedicated team model, the competence accumulated by the project team is lost, so this works best if there are no long-term intentions or if the project is in an area where there are no ambitions to retain/build a capability.

In fixed price projects TecPoint commits to deliver according to agreed specifications, price and schedule. We compose and manage the project team.


  • Less management
  • Fixed or predictable costs
  • Defined deliverables based on customer requirements
  • A defined schedule

Time and Material

We also do assignments on a time and material basis. This is usually done for smaller assignments, such as investigations, pre-studies, expert assignments or support cases. Many times a time and material project is the entry point for a dedicated team.

Planning and staffing of the assignment is done in cooperation with the customer. There is frequent progress reporting, which is forms the basis for further assignment planning.


  • small overhead
  • little negotiation
  • easy to start, stop and change direction


The services are mostly delivered via offshore resources. This ensures continuous access to the best resources – whatever composition is needed – as well as a cost effective execution. However, we always ensure that there is a tight relationship and good communication between the teams. This normally means that some part of the team will be located onsite, either for shorter periods, or on a rotational basis.

For smaller assignments, such as pre-studies or investigations, we might together with the customer decide to perform the assignment on the customer’s premises.