A slick user interface is no longer enough, rather providing a compelling user experience is essential for unlocking the value of software today.

TecPoint UX&I studio is our dedicated, in-house design team, bringing you fresh, intuitive digital experiences that get users engaged and make your offerings more competitive.

We typically work ourselves through the following steps together with the customer.

  • Research – we analyse your industry, competition, and recent trends in order to qualify user expectations and context.
  • UX Design – a set of flows and structures are created for the project. Dedicated tools are used to create prototypes which form the basis for discussion and decision making.
  • UI Design – we design for all senses, but sight comes first. Every visual detail in branding, marketing, and design is under constructive criticism to produce an attractive yet balanced final design.
  • Iterate – After project completion, we continue to gauge satisfaction levels, changing goals, enhancement needs, and assist with defining future development.