We have a very experienced team of data scientists, researchers and engineers that have solved industrial AI problems for clients across a range of industries.

ADAS – development of autonomous driving software

Plywood manufacturing
automated visual quality inspection

Steel sheet manufacturing – structural defects detection

Automated timber volume measurement

Energy system mathematical modelling and optimization

Tractor field obstacle detection and
furrows tracking and control

Remote electricity metering system development

Construction site status and safety surveillance system

Gesture recognition control of industrial equipment

Automated building and city 3D reconstruction software

Software for simultaneous vehicle localization and mapping (SLAM)

AI system for telecom subscriber churn prediction

Photogrammetry equipment design

Enterprise use facial recognition software development

AI algorithms for automated Holter monitor ECG data analysis

VR glasses software kit development

Object recognition and tracking

  • ADAS – obstacle detection, road signs, road irregularities, pedestrians etc
  • Tracking objects in video streams in real time
  • Predicting trajectories of moving objects
  • 360-degree vision systems
  • Security sensors for UAVs, vehicles and robots

Gesture recognition

  • Stereo video based recognition of gestures

3D reconstruction

  • Reconstructing scenes in motion from mono or stereo cameras, shots from different angles
  • Localizing cameras into already recorded scenes
  • Change management – tracking scene changes by comparing clouds
  • 3D modelling
  • Odometry/SLAM
    • Visual odometry
    • Lidar odometry
  • Photogrammetry

Defectoscopy and visual inspection

  • Anomaly detection and prediction
  • Polarization
    • Identifying surface defects using precise computations from surface profiles
    • Filling out 3D models using surface profile calculations


  • Face recognition
  • Eye tracking
  • Fingerprints

Machine learning

  • AI and deep learning, reinforcement learning
  • Neural networks
    • new algorithm and architecture development
    • biometrics and object tracking
  • Decision support
  • Classification and regression
  • Clustering
  • Time series forecasting

Internet of Things and connectivity

  • Sensors and data collection, including GNSS
  • Big data and data analysis
  • Cloud and large scale systems
  • High-reliability systems
  • Wireless and mobile technology


  • Camera mono/stereo, lidar, radar, gps etc
  • Camera calibration
    • High-precision internal parameters calibration
    • Autocalibration for camera systems
    • Automatic compensation for camera movement
  • Sensor fusion

Mathematical modelling

  • Algorithm development
  • Simulation models
  • Digital twins
  • Mathematical modelling
  • Sensor fusion

Autonomous systems

  • Robotics
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Drones
  • Control systems


  • Pattern recognition
  • Medical imaging, X-ray
  • Stitching panoramas
    • 2D panorama stitching (360×180)
    • 360 video panoramas for surveillance or tracking systems

Real world experience of implementing industrial AI in several industries

We have specialists in the fields required to build AI solutions, incl. machine learning, computer vision, IoT, sensors and mathematics

We can act as your innovation and research partner or take care of your development projects

We use an agile customer centric methodology and support a full project life-cycle

We are very cost effective – Exceptional quality, competitive cost –  value – Cost efficient

Experts at what we do, maintain a high level of competence including several Ph.D.’s

Perform in-house R&D to keep  building our competence platform. The knowledge created benefits our customers when serving as starting point for innovation or development projects

We have a proven understanding of how to build complex and autonomous systems

Experience from executing complete projects from requirements and prototyping to field testing, delivery and support

We can help you develop your next industrial AI solution